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episode 161: #161 - Simulation Theory (Weird Tales Revisited)

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Bob and Rick revisit the popular topic of Simulation Theory, as mentioned numerous times of previous WTATU episodes, and how it relates to Deja Vu and The Mandela Effect, how it has been portrayed in film, including the 2021 documentary 'A Glitch in the Matrix', and the dangerous paths it can lead to in reference to The Matrix Defence. They also rant about Elon Musk, and talk narcissism, solipsism, and Philip K. Dick.

Rick recommends the films - The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, Dark City, Vanilla Sky, Edge of Tomorrow (/Live Die Repeat), and the series Black Mirror.

and the website

Clips from the following YouTube videos used on this episode:

Neil deGrasse Tyson: It's hard to argue that we aren't living in a simulated world , interview with Larry

Philip K Dick- SIMULATION THEORY , an extract from a talk in Paris 1977.

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 2021-06-22  1h4m