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episode 44: EPISODE 44: EVERYTHING CANCEL CULTURE ft. Maverick Levy (Host of The Best of the Best: Maverick's Guide To Success)

This is episode 44 & today Maverick is flying solo to discuss a topic that has been on his mind for quite some time. Our Internet culture has revealed a new kind of destructive interaction that Maverick feels strongly about. “Cancel Culture“ is for the most part destructive to free speech and the ability to express one’s opinion without being shamed for it globally. It’s becoming a form of Internet bullying and something that Maverick wants to talk about The Internet is meant to be a place of open discussion where everyone can have an opinion, be heard and listen to others. "Cancel culture clowns" are creating a culture of fear and shame and harm online and across social media. Are these clowns trying to use cancelling to rule the internet and silence anyone who has a strong opinion on anything controversial? Listen to this important episode and go online and leave a five star review and your comments as well. 

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