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episode 619: YouTube Regrets - Trump sues big tech, Pentagon cancels JEDI contract, Russian hackers

Trump sues big tech, Pentagon cancels JEDI contract, Russian hackers

  • Trump sues Facebook, Google, Twitter, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Pichai.
  • It Can Always Get Dumber: Trump Sues Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, Claiming His Own Government Violated The Constitution.
  • Team Trump quietly launches new social media platform.
  • Pentagon cancels $10 billion JEDI cloud contract.
  • Amazon Primed Andy Jassy to Be CEO. Can He Keep What Jeff Bezos Built?
  • Feds Seized Robinhood CEO's Phone in GameStop Trading Halt Investigation.
  • Supermarket chain Coop closes 800 stores following Kaseya ransomware attack.
  • REvil ransomware hits 200 companies in MSP supply-chain attack.
  • Instagram's Evolution.
  • Find a job with TikTok Resumes.
  • Watch a police officer admit to playing Taylor Swift to keep a video off YouTube.
  • YouTube Regrets.
  • Norway Law Forces Influencers to Label Retouched Photos on Instagram.
  • Facebook tests prompts that ask users if they're worried a friend is 'becoming an extremist'
  • Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin passenger Wally Funk would be the oldest in space.
  • New Google Drive for desktop app with Google Photos upload, multi-account starts rolling out.
  • Google's Fuchsia OS is getting a new logo.
  • Google app beta returns to Chrome Custom Tabs for now.
  • Google Meet adds filters & fun masks for personal Gmail calls, just like Duo.
  • July security patch rolling out to Google Pixel, factory images & OTAs live.
  • Should Amazon rename Alexa?
  • Fired by Bot at Amazon: 'It's You Against the Machine'


  • Stacey - Nanoleaf Element setup.
  • Jeff - Nextdoor raises $686 million at an implied valuation of $4.3 billion and says it will go public via a SPAC.
  • Ant - A View From the Top - Richard Ayoade's.
  • Ant - (Selfishly) Rootin' For This Young Man.

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

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 2021-07-07  2h6m