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episode 3: Podcasting. It's What's For Dinner

Where are the “Got Milk?” but for podcasting, billboards? Where are the “Beef. It's what's for dinner.” print layouts, but for podcasting? Where's the podcasting equivalent of animated dancing California grapes?

I haven't seen any; I bet you haven't seen any either because I'm pretty sure they don't exist. 

Every consumer knows exactly where the incredible, edible eggs are shelved in their grocery store. For the rare person who has never cooked beef, their grocery store probably presents less than a dozen cuts to choose from. But there are 4 million podcasts and millions more episodes available. Where would a brand new person start?

I worked with some creative and strategically sharp people in my days running digital advertising agencies, so I’ve no doubt that some of them would rise to those challenges and come up with an awesome media plan for the podcasting industry. 

But who's going to pay for it?

The associations and councils that fund commercials for any given agricultural category are each comprised of people who have two things in common: a shared product and a shared economy.

We have a shared product in podcasting, but we absolutely do not have a shared economy. No matter what the ad firms and annual revenue tracking reports would have you believe.

We're not all in the same economic boat. We're not even following the same monetization path. And unlike the agrarians above, most podcasters haven’t invested their entire life savings in the business of podcasting. If podcasting went away tomorrow, most podcasters would be fine. Yes, of course, a lot of livelihoods would be seriously impacted, like mine. But for most podcasters, they’d just go back to something else with fond memories of their time in podcasting.


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This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

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 2021-07-14  8m