The Professor and The Hack

The Professor and The Hack is a frank, relatable and always entertaining discussion about the state of politics and current affairs from two of the most experienced and trusted sources in Australia. Network 10's resident experts, National Affairs Editor Hugh Riminton (The Hack) and Network Political Editor Peter Van Onselen (The Professor) are second to none when it comes to politics. They leave no stone unturned as they deep dive into what is happening in Australian politics and get to the bottom of what is really going on, always with their distinctive style, insights and a touch of humour.


Episode 101: Expectation Management

PVO tries to retire his 'kiss of death' this week before he and Hugh look again at the vaccine rollout and assess how fair it is for Scomo to be shouldering so much blame.

Also up for discussion are the looming spectre of recession, farewell to Speaker Tony Smith, and what is the new normal that the world is going to be happy with?

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 2021-07-15  33m