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episode 461: I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

Alright let's get started on a new session of 23min of Ska! YEAH! The theme is drinks... but we're also keeping up on the "keep it current" theme we've been hyper focused on! Here's a new episode that has a lot of BRAND NEW SKA for you! As always, I hope you enjoy this cool, crisp, episode. 23min of Ska is the official ska podcast of Summer!

00:00 - Bumpin Uglies - Right & Clever (Right & Clever '21)
03:42 - Catbite - Call Your Bluff (Nice One '21)
06:13 - the Toy Yodas - LA (LA (MU330 Cover) '21)
09:00 -Last Reel Hero - No Fool for You (Last Reel Hero '18)
11:06 - Epic XVIII - Set Your Mind at Ease (Hey Girl) (Hey Girl '20)
13:02 - Fink's Constant - Smile (Hanging by a Thread '20)
17:09 - Millington feat. Call Me Malcolm - Strangers (Brass Emo, Vol. 1 '20)
20:21 - Punch the Clown - Fly Me to the Moon (Punch the Clown is a Hit Machine '21)

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Session : Twenty One // Episode : 461 // Airdate : July 15th, 2021


 2021-07-15  23m