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Think African Episode 6

Rule of Law: Given the importance of the rule of law as an instrument for promoting social, political, and economic development all of which are critical to peace and stability. The ominous decline of the rule of law in Africa cannot be ignored. But, what alternatives does Africa have? We speak to Okwechukwu Nwanguma the Executive Director, Rule of Law and Accountability, Advocacy Centre, an organization that promotes justice and for victims of human rights violation and has handled several cases of Human rights violations by the Nigerian Police. Episode Credits: Graphics and Artwork: Neo Rakgajane Script/story editing: Rasmus Bitsch Additional editing: Laura Bain Additional Sound Recording: Sam Olukoya Sound Editing: John Bartmann Soundtrack/Music: The Good People Host/Writer: Jedi Ramalapa


 2021-07-16  21m