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episode 28: UK Space strategy delays, Space-Comm Expo and all the news

In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, the Shephard News team looks at the latest from the Space Comm expo which took place last week in Farnborough, and assesses how space strategies are shaping up in the UK, France, Australia and the US.

Newsround [01:50]

New Zealand’s Defence Minister announced this week a post-Covid redraft of the country’s Defence Capability Plan. 

The new Labour-led government formed in 2020 has given reassurances that the country will not ‘cut back’ on the plan, but rather ‘review it’ ensuring it meets the changed priorities.

The Venezuelan Army took part in high-profile parades in early July, showcasing that while Caracas cannot afford to invest in new equipment capabilities, it is willing to support its land forces in refurbishing existing fleets of elderly Western-supplied vehicles.

Germany and Norway have signed a €5 billion contract with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems for the construction of six Type 212 Common Design submarines.

Initial deliveries are expected in 2029 for Norway, and early 2030 for Germany.

In Focus 

Host Alix Valenti, Air Editor Tim Martin, Land Editor Tim Fish and Senior Naval Reporter Harry Lye engage in a conversation around the space strategies of UK, France, Australia and the US. 

Following another delay in the publication of the UK space strategy, the team considers what impact Brexit and the subsequent exclusion of Britain from the European Galileo space programme have had on the country. 

Elsewhere, the team looks at where Australia is at in enhancing its space-based assets following creation of the Australian Space Agency in 2018 with an investment of  A$73.2 million.

Interview – Airbus Defence and Space [28:35] 

On the floor of Space Comm expo event, which took place in Farnborough on 7-8 July, Tim Martin speaks with Allen Antrobus Director Military Space at Airbus  for an insight into the company’s approach to the changing nature of the space domain and new emerging threats.

This episode was produced by Noemi Distefano with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest. 


 2021-07-16  46m