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episode 29: Tri-service spotlight on Russia and US hypersonics

In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, the team looks at all the latest news from Russia as the country unveiled a new fighter jet prototype at MAKS 2021; and in an interview with Raytheon we discuss the latest on US hypersonic technologies.

 Newsround [ 00:42]

A preliminary  virtual event took place this week in the US before the Sea-Air-Space conference early next month. 

ADM Mike Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations, warned about the effects of constrained funding on vital USN capabilities, and urged strategic investment in Columbia-class submarines, shipyard facilities and strategic sealift.

On 20 July, Turkish company Baykar introduced the MIUS unmanned combat aircraft conceived to carry various payloads for strategic attacks, close air support, missile attacks and suppression of enemy air defences.

In Poland, the government decided last week to procure  $6 billion worth of enhanced Abrams tanks and other armoured vehicles from the US, with initial deliveries planned for 2022.

In focus 

This week the team assess the current status of the Russian Army and the Russian Navy, which is currently undergoing sea trials for its giant Belgorod submarine. Also, as MAKS 2021 takes place this week (20-25 July) near Moscow, we discuss the new Checkmate fighter jet prototype and its future market potential. 

Interview- Raytheon [33:18] 

Air editor Tim Martin speaks to Raytheon to obtain the company’s perspective on hypersonic missile technology and whether the US budget meets the need to invest in this field. 

This episode was produced by Noemi Distefano with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest. 


 2021-07-23  55m