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Biden Admin To Set A More Urgent Tone As Covid-19 Surges

Biden Administration officials are planning to shift to a more urgent tone as covid-19 surges among unvaccinated Americans. Unvaccinated Americans are fueling the current rise in cases and hospitalizations. Average daily cases in the United States are now up 65 percent from last week as covid-19 spreads aggressively among the unvaccinated. 

GOP governors are begging  their  residents to get vaccinated. Alabama governor says that "it's time to start blaming the unvaccinated." The White House responds to the Alabama governor's call to "start blaming" the unvaccinated by saying they "don't think our role is to place blame."

The Florida governor is under fire for the response to the current pandemic surge as the state leads the nation in new covid infections. Florida, Missouri and Texas now account for 40 percent of all new covid-19 cases. The Los Angeles health director says that about 20 percent of new covid-19 cases from June are from the fully vaccinated. 

The United States buys 200 million Pfizer doses in case boosters will be needed. Sources are saying that the White House and health officials are discussing revising the mask guidance as the delta variant rages among the unvaccinated. 

The Jan 6 committee is set to hold its first hearing on Tuesday, as Pelosi looks to Bolster panel's bipartisan standing. 

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 2021-07-24  38m