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episode 66: Ian Prukner - Success Multiplication & Being a Great Leader

Grow or fade away, you only have one option! But growth requires change, and change is always painful and hard. Today’s guest, Ian Prukner, dares our listeners to take that plunge regardless of the difficult road ahead, and to keep going even when the journey gets lonely. Ian Prukner is the Senior National Sales Director of Primerica and a builder of great leaders and teams. Discover his formula for success and the system he’s built around that formula, which makes it an effective tool for generating great leaders and multiplying business returns. 

“When you develop leaders that have the heartbeat of the organization, then you enable them to lead in great capacity.”

-Ian Prukner

In this Episode:

  • Find out what you need to change to equip yourself with essential skills that can scale your business. 
  • Learn the ultimate prerequisite you have to fulfill before you can diversify and multiply your income streams.
  • The BIGGEST lie that is circulating the business world and how not to fall victim to this fiasco! 
  • Discover the spot where the majority stop, take a U-turn and change their direction, and who you need to help you push forward and break through these barriers to success.
  • The best investment you can make where true wealth is generated.
  • Define what makes up a hard battle and how the love for hard battles can elevate you from a winner to a champion.

Episode Resources: 

  • Live Training with James Neilson-Watt
  • BYPRODUCT: Autonomous success in a bold new world by Ian Prukner

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 2021-07-28  36m