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episode 464: Don't You Wanna?

I always say that my favorite episodes are the ones with all different kinds of ska music, the kind with bands from all over the world, and the episodes that have several different kinds of voices lending themselves to the ska beat. So yeah, this episode is pretty much a classic in my eyes and ears (and heart) and I hope that you enjoy it too!

 00:00 - the Players Band - Vacation (Skamörgåsbord '20)
03:29 - EASTBAY - Radio (Radio '21)
05:42 - Bite Me Bambi - Our Lips are Sealed (Our Lips are Sealed '21)
07:46 - MASON's PARTY - Don't Bring Me Down (MASON's PARTY '21)
10:02 - Skassapunka - Nel Vuoto (Revolutionary Roots '20)
12:42 - Roshambo - Stand Your Ground (Stand Your Ground '21)
16:35 - the JB Conspiracy - Make a Promise (Beginnings '21)
19:16 - SinKroniA feat. Omar-K'Pa - Eres (Eres '21)

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Session : Twenty One // Episode : 464 // Airdate : August 5th, 2021


 2021-08-05  22m