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Join two friends, animators, and complete geeks who talk film, TV, cartoons, and video games every two weeks, as they take time to discuss their latest pop culture experiences and hand-pick various titles, series, and topics old and new for in-depth and often funny discussions.


#41-B: Aladdin (1992) [ft. Patrick Fleury]

There's no point in acting like listeners aren't familiar with the original Aladdin in some way - it's one of the most iconic Disney films ever made, and remains John's all-time favorite film from the studio. So rather than do a more standard freeform talk about it, we do a more analytical deep dive and dissect it as a piece of animation and filmmaking to nail down just why it works so well. From making the most of all its characters, to a soundtrack with no weak links, to what makes this one of the most expertly paced movies around, we unpack this gem of a movie to see what makes it tick so efficiently to this day, with some brief thoughts on the sequels and remake for good measure.

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 2021-08-06  54m