Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly shares the story of Ohio agriculture and Ohio Farm Bureau. Each week, this radio program and podcast features guests who represent leaders in agriculture, government, academia and the food industry, among others. Host Ty Higgins talks to interesting guests and brings the story of Ohio agriculture to life by featuring Farm Bureau members and staff who are working hard all across Ohio.



Controlled Environment Agriculture

If you were to visit 80 Acres Farms you might be looking for tractors, silos or acres and acres of soil, but those things typical to agriculture are nowhere in sight at the Hamilton, Ohio facility. Instead, the farm is located inside a huge controlled environment facility. This week, find out how vertical farming works and how it will fit into the future of American agriculture? 00:00 - Rebecca Haders, vice president of creative and marketing for 80 Acres Farms, talks about the world's first fully automated indoor farm, capable of producing an abundance of crop varieties year-round. 16:50 - Chieri Kubota, professor of controlled environment agriculture at Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences’ Department of Horticulture and Crop Science discusses the new Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex being constructed on Waterman Farm in Columbus. 23:50 - "To the Beat of Agriculture", meet the "Punk Rock Farmer", Jonathan Lawler. 32:20 - Ohio Poultry Association executive vice president Jim Chakeres shares how Ohio’s egg and bacon farmers have joined efforts to launch Best Buckeye Breakfasts. 42:20 - Once again this year, the Delaware and Union County Farm Bureaus are hosting Benefit in the Barn to raise money for a great cause. Doug Loudenslager has the details.


 2021-08-08  48m