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episode 244: VOBS Episode 210 with Dubbing Director Harry Buerkle

At Voice Over Body Shop, we look at all aspects of the voice over marketplace. With so many opportunities in so many genres, what’s the best for you? Well, this week we talk with Los Angeles based Dubbing Director and cinematographer, Harry Buerkle. With so many networks grabbing foreign material for American audiences, experience and skill in dubbing can be a very valuable skill to exploit. 

Harry’s 2016 short film “I’ll Wait Here” played at several film festivals, winning the Best Doc award at the Bamberger Filmtagen in Germany. (https://testkammer.com) He’s worked with publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, Glamour, Billboard, Vulture, as well as the TV show Ellen, and others. Raised in the Austrian Alps, Harry graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory with a directing degree. 

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 2021-08-10  2h21m