Plants and Pipettes

Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!


Wow, they're really doing it (ep. 100 pt. 2)

We underpromised and overdelivered: You wanted 100 facts, we gave you that and a bit more over the span of 4 episodes. This is batch 2: 26 to 50. We have trees, marine microorganisms, old trees, lasers and a plant that cannot die.

  • A Plant That ‘Cannot Die’ Reveals Its Genetic Secrets
  •  Paleopolyploidy
  • Data base of genome duplication
  • Diatom
  •  Coccolithophore
  •  Chlorophyll Map
  •  The Many Unexpected Jobs of the Clubmoss Spore
  •  Prometheus (tree)
  •  Donald Rusk Currey 
  • [Photos] Here is Jindai-zakura, Japan’s oldest cherry tree !
  • Olive tree of Vouves
  • 2,500-Year-Old Ancient Olive Tree Burned Down in Evia Fires in Greece
  • What are karrikins and how were they ‘discovered’ by plants? – BMC Biology 
  • (PDF) Growth and development of Arabidopsis thaliana under single-wavelength red and blue laser light
  • The Latest Development of Laser Application Research in Plant Factory
  •  Drunken trees
  •  Important phenologists – Nature’s Calendar
  •  Apricot kernels and apple and pear seeds are unsafe to eat
  • A lesson in cancer quackery

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 2021-08-13  1h9m