The Industry

The Industry is a podcast that takes a closer look at some of the lesser known (and perhaps intentionally) forgotten stories of movie history. Insane productions, scandalous lawsuits, victories from the jaws of defeat, and the occasional crime are the order of the day in this Industry. Each story is explored with experts who know or with the people who were there. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Behind the Scenes of The Industry

Dan Delgado is the host of The Industry, where he focuses each episode on lesser-known or forgotten movie history. He tells stories of Hollywood's weirdest decisions — and has a special place in his heart for the industry heroes who tried, and usually failed, to make something great.

On this special crossover episode of MovieMaker and The Industry, Dan talks about his VHS-shaped 1980s childhood, and how it led him to create the curious world of The Industry.

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 2021-08-21  29m