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episode 246: VOBS Episode211 With Myrna Velasco and Tim Friedlander

You Will Love This Episode!   George went “glamping.” So, our great friend voice talent, musician and fellow audio engineer, Tim Friedlander fills in as co-host on this weeks exciting Voice Over Body Shop
 Our special guest is very busy voice actor, the very vivacious Myrna Velasko! Myrna is known for voicing animation and gaming roles like Green Lantern / Jessica Cruz, Torra Doza, and Carla. But she is best known as Hannah The Dashboard Hula Girl on those great Arco gas spots! How do you get there as a voice talent? We’ll ask! Plus Tims shares his insights on Recording and the Vo Biz. HEY! Catch the replay all week on Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/voiceoverbodyshop/ our homepage, VOBS.TV, and our podcast for those of you who love to listen on the go! 
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 2021-08-24  1h1m