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episode 627: Pillow Not Included - Congress data demands, China limits gaming, Pigeon philanthropy

  • Introducing Craig Newmark!
  • Craig Newmark Philanthropies Supports Palomacy!
  • Capitol riot: Jan. 6 committee demands records from Facebook, Twitter, Google.
  • House Committee Investigating January 6th Capitol Invasion Goes On Social Media Fishing Expedition; Companies Should Resist.
  • Reddit bans Covid misinformation forum after 'go dark' protest.
  • Three hours a week: Play time's over for China's young video gamers.
  • Google doodle: "Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Save lives."
  • Google, Apple Hit by First Law Threatening Dominance Over App-Store Payments.
  • Google's new Pixel 5A ad spoofs Apple with humorous ode to the headphone jack.
  • Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Launching October 28th.
  • Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.
  • Google's New AI Photo Upscaling Tech is Jaw-Dropping.
  • Australian powers to spy on cybercrime suspects given green light.
  • Five Big Problems with Canada's Proposed Regulatory Framework for "Harmful Online Content"
  • Amazon quietly building live audio business.
  • Telegram uncaps live stream viewers as part of big version 8.0 update.
  • Amazon now running 164 flights a day to deliver stock in the US.
  • Amazon's answer to driver shortage: Hire pot smokers.
  • Google Calendar will break down how much of your work is spent in meetings.
  • Automate your whole day with the Assistant's new Daylong Routines.
  • Google Assistant rolling out a new trigger that starts routines when dismissing an alarm.
  • Here's how Google Assistant's upcoming 'Quick phrases' will let you skip 'Hey Google'.
  • Google adds shipping and return labels to product listings in search and shopping tool.
  • Google rolling out first Pixel Buds A-Series firmware update to fix volume bug.
  • German publisher Axel Springer to acquire U.S. news website Politico for over $1 billion.
  • 'I guess I'm having a go at killing it': Salman Rushdie to bypass print and publish next book on Substack.
  • Happy birthday, Linux: From a bedroom project to billions of devices in 30 years.
  • Google developing its own CPUs for Chromebook laptops.


  • Leo - Google Colaboratory
  • Stacey - Donate blood if you can!
  • Jeff - First full image of 'new Vermeer' with uncovered Cupid released by Dresden museum
  • Ant - I sold two NFTs!

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Guest: Craig Newmark

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 2021-09-02  2h42m