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episode 149: Dr. Quinton Hennigh of Crescat Capital Bids BIG on Blue Lagoon Resources Unearthing Dome Mountain's Untouched Gold-Alkaline System

25-year Economic Geologist and Crescat Capital Representative on Blue Lagoon Resources (CSE: BLLG | OTC: BLAGF). Dr. Quinton Hennigh is somewhat of a legend in the high-grade exploration sector after his own company NOVO Resources reached an 800% high as well as co-effort Newfound Gold hit a 1000% peak in one year. Now he's got his eyes set on what could be the next golden opportunity with BLR's Dome Mountain project.

The could-be gold-alkaline system believed to be evident based on recent findings could yield 100+ million ounces of high grade gold and at $2,000/oz. Experts such as Dr. Hennigh himself believe we are in a gold super cycle similar to that in the 80s which resulted in all time high worth for the commodity.

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