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CFL America Radio is where North American football is celebrated through game replays, old radio shows, and documentaries in the public domain on the history, remembrances, culture, lore, and legends of pro football in Canada, America and around the world. Additionally, every few weeks journalist Scott Adamson and armchair historian Greg James, from their 55 yard line cheap seats, sit down with authors and historians who, through their works, have given all of us a close-up look and perspective at the gridiron game we have grown up with and enjoy no matter where on the map we may call home.


Disposable Heroes- The Other Side of Football

The documentary primarily focuses on two ex-players: Jim Otto and Roger Stillwell. Otto was a star center for the Oakland Raiders during the  1960s and 1970s. On the surface, his story seems to represent all that  is right about pro football; after a long career he was elected to the  NFL’s Hall of Fame and then enjoyed great business success as a  restaurant franchise owner. Viewers learn, however, that Otto’s health is terrible, though he was just 46 at the time of filming. The most-moving story in Disposable Heroes belongs to Roger  Stillwell, a 6-foot-6 defensive lineman from Stanford University, who achieved a brief moment in the sun with the Chicago Bears. Stillwell’s career ended in an instant during a 1977 game against the Minnesota  Vikings


 2021-09-03  53m