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episode 118: #114 - Otaku Unite! (2004) Anime Documentary Review

Would you believe that this episode was recorded AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO?! Because of production schedules, editing issues, school, work, an international pandemic, and generalize malaise, it took us forever to release this. Fear not true believer, the tales of Otaku Unite! are timeless. Actually, no, that's a lie.

Join us in our second Otaku-mentaries episode covering the 2004 anime and fandom documentary, Otaku Unite! (listen to our first episode on Akihabara Geeks here). Otaku Unite! is a bizarre spectacle of half insightful anime history and half inexplicable sideshows. How little has changed in the anime community in 17 years! Listen to Sully, Austin, Bill, and Tobias guide you through this magic mirror into the anime community of the early 2000s.

Also, as we do, we use this documentary as a springboard to talk about anime fandom issues in the present. Enjoy!

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 2021-09-06  1h52m