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The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 26

The Labor of Gaming

The holiday weekend is upon us, and while the Eat 4 Life crew is missing Tamika this week, there is no shortage of gems on deck, plus thoughts on the latest developments in the esports space.

While Hurricane Ida has come and gone, the devastation it left in its wake is too great to ignore. So please do your part in helping out the people impacted by the hurricane and check out the #GamersRespond initiative if you're interested in participating in some events to help raise funds or if you just want to donate. To find out more, head here: https://www.varsityesportsfoundation.org/gamersrespond

  • Learn about the partners involved in the Gamers Respond initiative: https://www.varsityesportsfoundation.org/gamersrespond-partners
  • Learn the about the charities that will benefit from this initiative: https://www.varsityesportsfoundation.org/gamersrespond-charities

This week's episode of the Eat 4 Life Podcast was sponsored by High Point Gamer. Visit them at http://www.highpointgamer.com

The Eat 4 Life Podcast intro music is by Ryan Little


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