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episode 9: Vi-Dan Tran & Joseph Le Pt 1: Shang Chi Action Designers, Jackie Chan Stunt Team, & Making an Action Musical

Welcome to Shang Chi Week! We’ll be releasing Shang Chi action team interviews today, Wednesday, and Friday!

Introducing: Joseph Le & Vi-Dan Tran. Both were action designers on Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Vi-Dan is a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. His works include The Foreigner, Bleeding Steel, and Into the Badlands as well as his original fan films such as Cyberpunk 2077: Phoenix Program and Darth Maul: Apprentice. Joseph Le is also know for fan films such as Mulan: An East Side Story and Afro Samurai Champloo as well as many action comedy videos with Martial Club.

In this episode, we talk about getting involved with Shang Chi, working with Brad Allan, and putting your emotions aside in order to rapidly iterate.

Then, we take deep dives into some of our guests’ biggest fan films. Mulan: An East Side Story is an action-musical mashup combining Mulan and West Side Story. Joseph tells us about the short’s music and cocaine kicks. Vi-Dan tells us all about his 40+ minute sci fi action fan film Cyberpunk 2077: Phoenix Program. He tells us about the Keanu Reeves inspiration and how he built out a whole world starting from a single video game trailer.

Stay tuned for Part II releasing this Wednesday, in which we break down the action of Shang Chi, discuss Spider-Man a whole bunch, and bring our guests through the Five Second Fight Club!

Join us as we chat with Joseph Le & Vi-Dan Tran: Shang Chi brothers in arms.


Edited by Luigi Hernandez

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 2021-09-12  1h9m