A political comedy podcast hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi who cover LGBTQ+ and gender issues of the moment with hilarity and healthy doses of vulgarity and absurdity.


episode 513: Texas' new abortion law and who's responsible, AOC and Sarah Palin going at it, Pee Holes and Margeriters!

On this week's ATTITUDES! Erin speaks on Jonathan Mitchell whom is responsible for Texas' new abortion law, Bryan follows up with AOC slamming Texas gov Greg Abbott for not understanding Dick Squiggly about this issue, and we all get a good laugh whenever Sarah Palin says any words that don't come from a teleprompter. All this plus real 911 stories, Groceries updates, and Margarita sunglasses that you can drink from! Help Donate to Texas at the links below! ACLU Texas Lilith Fund Tea Fund  See for privacy information.

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 2021-09-16  54m