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episode 11: Andy Cheng Pt 1: Shang Chi Fight Coordinator, Jackie Chan Horse Fights, & The Beauty of Hong Kong Filmmaking

Welcome to the final stretch of Shang Chi Week! This week featured Joseph Le and Vi-Dan Tran. Today, we are…

Introducing: Andy Cheng. He is known as fight coordinator for Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He is also a veteran of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team working on films such as Who Am I, Mr Nice Guy, Shanghai Noon, and Rush Hour 1 & 2. Other works of his include: Into the Badlands, The Rundown, Scorpion King, and 6 Underground.

In this episode, Andy regails us with his exploits as a Tae Kwon Do athlete and Bronze medalist. He’s been knocked out, knocked out others, and even had to fight his own teammate on TV! He also details his younger years imitating Jackie Chan stunts with his friends, including one near-death experience involving a loose pipe on the top of a building.

We talk about the blending of action movie styles for Shang Chi and break down scenes from the Jackie Chan film Mr. Nice Guy, including the horse carriage scene which resulted in someone “breaking their head.” We look at the construction site scene too, a scene that had the team filming absolutely nothing for two straight days as Jackie sat and thought about the sequence.

Andy also tells us about living with Jackie and throwing a Tomahawk at Jackie’s head!

In Part II, we’ll be breaking down other Jackie Chan works like Who Am I and Rush Hour 1 & 2, Andy Cheng’s works featuring Dwayne Johnson including The Getaway and Scorpion King, as well as his work on Michael Bay’s 6 Underground. We also cover Andy’s amazing fights on AMC’s Into the Badlands and, of course, dive into Shang Chi.

Join us as we chat with Andy Cheng: Taekwondo Champion, Stunt Golf Champion, Action Filmmaking Champion


Edited by Luigi Hernandez

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 2021-09-17  1h15m