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episode 42: Humanizing sex workers part 3

I endorse these particular values of : "Consent

Consent can’t be emphasized enough. There’s a whackload of mainstream porn out there that one can’t watch without feeling a bit gross. This is because there’s a tension that’s created when it’s unclear whether everything happening on set was mutually agreed upon, or whether coercion or force was involved. Consent is sexy, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. All sex on Bellesa Plus is 100% consensual, and nothing gets filmed without (enthusiastic) consent from all performers.

Legal age

It should go without saying that all performers are of legal age, but this is certainly not always the case with mainstream porn. The endless variety of “barely legal” porn, along with a mountain of probably-not-so-legal porn that people choose not to talk about is downright rampant, and it’s not okay. Being of age is a crucial aspect of giving informed consent, for starters. All performers on Bellesa Plus are old enough to know what they love and get off on showing it!

No incest

On Bellesa Plus, you’ll never accidentally stumble upon a “stepsister stuck in a washing machine” scene, nor will you find any “twin sisters” fucking the same guy(s), or fathers swapping daughters. While we get that fantasy is fantasy, we choose to nurture the empowering perversions over the more questionably twisted variety—because we believe the world is what we make it.


It’s actually kind of appalling how difficult it is to find mainstream porn that’s been instigated with real, live chemistry between two (or more) performers—and the difference is palpable, to say the least. Bellesa performers always choose who they work with, so what you’re seeing is the result of the authentic chemistry that occurs when performers get paired up with people they truly wanna do. Real connection is hot AF for performers and viewers alike!

Safety first

Bellesa always ensure rigorous STI testing for the safety of performers on Bellesa sets, and, what with COVID-19 stealing the scene, we now require thorough testing protocols for that as well. Because we don’t think pleasure is really pleasure if it doesn’t prioritize safety and wellbeing above all!


Bellesa performers are encouraged to communicate their likes and dislikes with their partner(s) before shooting a scene. Much like off-camera sex among romantic or sexual partners, strong communication is key to getting the most out the experience. Plus, bonafide arousal is a lot hotter to watch, wouldn’t you say?

By women

Bellesa film are all directed by women, because we really care about not replicating and bolstering the same old male gaze. What we offer is not exactly ‘porn for women’—rather, it’s porn by women, for anyone of any gender who wants to watch something real. In our case, creative director and award-winning director Jacky St. James is the visionary in chief, and we couldn’t be happier about that.


Bellesa porn focuses on connection and genuine pleasure. Women are not depicted as objects of conquest as they so often are in your typical mainstream porn—instead, we’re subjects of pleasure, and it’s a smokin’ hot look. We’re talking about the difference between being the vessel of another’s pleasure, and being an obscene queen who gets what she wants. You feel me? Both involve giving and receiving, but they’re worlds apart."

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 2021-09-21  44m