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episode 472: Ska's the Best!

Ska’s the best, isn’t it? Yeah, ok, so it’s a given we all think this, but here is another episode that is full of great ska that will have you saying “Ska is the best, that title was totally right!”

00:00 – Bim Skala Bim – Go Back (Sonic Tonic ’21)
02:16 – the Bandulus – Break the Ice (Love a Woman ’19)
06:43 – Eve of Destruction – One War (Youth United) (Last Call! ’14)
11:43 – sCompany – Óda (VIHAR ’20)
13:59 – the Re-Adjusters – the Grave is the End (Capital Vices ’21)
18:35 – Pocket Billiards – Round After Round (Troubles Edge ’19)

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Session : Twenty One // Episode : 472 // Airdate : September 30th, 2021


 2021-09-30  22m