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episode 103: The one with James Zada aka Llewellyn

If selling over a million albums of new age, meditation, and relaxation music under the name Llewellyn wasn’t enough, multi-talented composer, James Zada, is now venturing into the world of contemporary pop music.
Driven by a deep love for nostalgic 80s and 90s evergreen classics, Fame, his debut release under the name James Zada, is packed with catchy and uplifting pop tracks all with a distinctive nostalgic feel. 
We chat about the inspiration behind the album, James’ reason for changing name, and how he won awards for his New Age music.
Thank you for listening to CATtales with me, CAT, and my guest today, James Zada. The tracks featured are: Even In The Strangest Dreams and the title track from James’ album Fame, which is available in stores and digitally on all the main streaming and download outlets. 
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 2021-10-06  48m