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episode 715: Sonic TALK 686 - BT‘s Metaversal Release


  • BT - producer, artist, composer

Available on Youtube Video: Preshow, ad free on our


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SONIC 001 - an 18 Track Compilation Album from contributors available now via Bandcamp.  Around an hour of original songs and instrumentals showcasing the talents of some of our contributors. Fantastic value.

00:00:00 Intro and hello    00:05:30 BT  new music:  Metaversal  00:08:59 Why are NFTs so polarizing?    00:13:47 How do you measure the success of a blockchain release?    00:19:45    00:21:22 How was the album recorded?    00:31:49 Analog beats?    00:38:15 Modal Electronics Cobalt 8    00:38:50 How did Metaversal turn into what it became?    00:41:00 the listening experience    00:46:15 How does your record company and publisher feel about this?    00:50:30 Isnt this only available to artist of your popularity?    00:52:12 Pat Dimitri  Guitarist using NFTs 00:56:54 Who controls  the algorithm?    00:59:45 Whats next for you?    01:03:29 Wrap   

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 2021-10-07  1h5m