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Troublesome Texts

 October Horror Week 2- Four films from 1981, all prominently featuring books as driving plot devices.

     Five college students go to an old abandoned cabin in the woods. Before long they discover the Necronomicon Ex -Mortis, bound in human flesh and inked in human blood, and a handy reel to reel recorder that has a couple relevant passages ready to make sure they will all be dead by dawn. A film that spawned three feature follow-ups (soon to be four), nine video games (soon to be ten), an endless number of comics (which just started a new series), a musical, a one-man stage show, and a tv series- The Evil Dead.
     Decades ago the citizens of New Orleans stopped a painter from opening one of the doors to Hell with the mystical tome Eibon. Fifty-four years later the building has been inherited by a New Yorker who decides to open it as a hotel. Not too far into renovations, the painter's ghost returns to finish what it started. Umberto Lenzi's most polarizing film. One of the most deeply loved and vehemently hated horror films ever produced by Italy. Incoherent, atmospheric, chaotic, evocative, and lightly gore splattered- The Beyond.
     After spending seven years running an international conglomerate, the Antichrist accepts the position of U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, a position held by his adoptive father when we first met him. Having fully embraced his lineage, Damien Thorn now looks to rewrite his destiny by killing the Second Coming's return to power. Now all boys born on the day of a unique astral alignment are marked for death. The only ones standing between the son of Satan and victory are seven priests who hold the only Earthly means of killing Damien. The world is in turmoil, wars threaten to breakout everywhere, the stage is set for- The Final Conflict aka Omen III.
     A trio of students head into the jungles of Columbia to prove if one's doctoral thesis and putting an end to the myth of cannibalism. It isn't long until they encounter two more honkies from New York... who just happen to be running from cannibals. For reasons that no one watching or involved understand the five-some go back to the village. Meanwhile, a detective and city tour guide are looking for our not-so-intrepid party. Is the theory right or will they all meet a tasty end for their arrogance- Cannibal Ferox.
     Join us, won't you?
Episode 226- Troublesome Texts


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