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The Birmingham Literature Festival Podcast - Welcome to the very first Birmingham Literature Festival podcast, bringing writers and readers together to discuss some of 2020’s best books. Each Thursday we’ll be releasing new episodes of the podcast, including wonderful discussions about writing, poetry, big ideas and social issues. Join us each week for exciting and inspiring conversations with new, and familiar, writers from the Midlands and beyond.


episode 12: Season 2: On This Day She featuring Jo Bell, Tania Hershman and Ailsa Holland

Join us for a dinner party with 6 amazing women across history – plus our wonderful dinner party hosts Jo Bell, Tania Hershman and Ailsa Holland, authors of On This Day She: Putting Women Back Into History, One Day at a Time. Find out which historical figure was fond of geese at a dinner party, as we add six important figures back into a story of the past that unfairly confines women to the margins.   

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Curator: Shantel Edwards (Festival director)
Production: 11C/ Birmingham Podcast Studios for Writing West Midlands



 2021-10-14  34m