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episode 467: Vincent Boedt - Vincentb (ENG)

After years of experience as a salesman and sales manager, he decided to work as an independent salesman.

His result-oriented approach generated millions in sales for his customers.

He then applied these proven insights and strategies to his own business.  


Through Vincent Boedt's training organisation, 100 customers found their way to more results.

Do not expect theory or a generic pep talk. Vincent brings you results and is direct in his approach.

His mission is to bring you and your company to its maximum potential.

  • 0:22 Presentation, childsdream till today....
  • 01:16 Background?
  • 02:25 When does a business owner contacts you?
  • 04:43 Successtory
  • 06:54 Do you work alone or with a team?
  • 07:41 What is the difference with growth hacking?
  • 09:05 Do you have a fix strategy?
  • 12:33 How long does a trajectographies takes?
  • 13:37 Do you give any guarantee on results?
  • 15:05 Where can we find you?
  • 15:51 What is a good HR for you?
  • 16:43 Have you already experienced the WOW effect? 
  • 17:43 Do you have a message for Hr people?
  • 19:08 Closure
  • Website


 2021-09-15  19m