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Join two friends, animators, and complete geeks who talk film, TV, cartoons, and video games every two weeks, as they take time to discuss their latest pop culture experiences and hand-pick various titles, series, and topics old and new for in-depth and often funny discussions.


#43: Marvel Disney+ Shows/Shang-Chi (ft. Mia Mcauley)

This show is no stranger to the MCU, but it's been a hot minute since the Infinity War & Endgame spoilercasts, and even longer since our last dedicated dive into this pop-culture juggernaut. Making her first appearance on the show, John's comrade in fandom Mia helps us catch up with releases beyond Black Widow, both by reflecting on memories of movies past, adjusting to an MCU without T'Challa, and in particular discussing the recent Shang-Chi and what its attention to cultural detail, great casting, and making up for Ben Kingsley's Mandarin mean to Mia as an Asian-American.

Afterward, we take a deep dive into the first three live-action MCU series in the new frontier of Disney+ weekly series. Topics include how these shows take advantage of their longer format, speculating what consequences they may hold for future shows and movies, why Agatha rules and Hayward drools, how timely Falcon and Winter Soldier is, and the as-of-this-writing ongoing desire for an Alligator Loki plushie.

0:00 Introductions/General MCU talk
17:23 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Spoilers)
53:49 WandaVision (Spoilers)
1:22:50 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Spoilers)
1:45:47 Loki (Spoilers)


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 2021-10-15  2h11m