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episode 14: AFD News: Scott Adkin's One Shot Film, Animated Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Sanak, & Squid Game Riot Breakdown

Welcome to AFD News!

Today's news includes a trailer for Scott Adkin’s no-cut military action film “One Shot,” Demon Slayer Season 2’s announcement, and Daredevil’s showrunner parts ways with Marvel

We also discuss Will Poulter being cast as Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Jake Gyllenhaal starring as Prophet in Sam Hargrave directed superhero film,

We get into trailers for international blockbuster Sanak, Amazon’s Hanna Season 3, new Korean action series My Name, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and Blade Runner: Black Lotus as well as recap reviews for Harder They Fall, Ghostbusters, No Time To Die, What If Finale, and Venom 2.

We also break down the riot fight scene from Squid Game.


Edited by Luigi Hernandez

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 2021-10-16  42m