Tomorrow is a podcast hosted by Joshua Topolsky and Ryan Houlihan about what's happening right now — and next — in the world of culture, technology and the internet, music, movies, politics, and more. Whether it's dissecting the news of the day or having an in-depth conversation with a creator, deep thinker, or artist, Tomorrow will be the best hour of funny, weird, and wonderful you'll get all week.


episode 238: Ted talk

On this week's show Josh and Ryan bash both Teds Lasso and Sarandos. They also hate on Amazon. But then they gush about Metroid: Dread, prestige anthology series, and A.I. gamification communism so, tone-wise, it evens out.

We'll do our best to prevent podcast supply chain issues. Thanks for tuning in, Tony!

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 2021-10-17  1h17m