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Kaiju Curry House is a UK based bi-weekly podcast series focusing on Kaiju fandom. Presented by three hosts, we will bring you a main course of Kaiju related discussion, a side of banter, washed down with recommendations. Hardcore or casual, we welcome all to our curry house.



The One with just Paul

Episode 82 – The One with just Paul

Welcome to our podcast. This is episode 82 of Kaiju Curry House – The One with just Paul. Please download or stream from your favourite podcast service or watch the video version on YouTube and enjoy our content.

In todays episode your host is Paul and nobody else! Due to other commitments the other hosts were unavailable, but as a fortnightly podcast we wanted to keep on track and continue to roll out content for your entertainment. So in todays episode host Paul will be talking about his birthday, and the Kaiju goodies he received, along with Godzilla’s birthday and the Godzilla vs Hedorah short that was released. Due to the solo nature of the episode is it is shorter than normal rocking in at approx 22 mins, but we still hope you enjoy. Fear not, the others will return soon!

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As you (may or may not) know we have created this podcast not only because it’s fun for us to talk kaiju, but also because we want to engage with like minded people. So in other words don’t be shy and get in touch!

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 2021-11-15  23m