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Large Object Heap Churn in .NET | On .NET

Mike Rousos is back again! This time Mike shows us how to inspect and diagnose large Object Heap churn in .NET

  • [00:00] - Introduction
  • [01:36] - What tools can we use to look into performance?
  • [03:35] - Diagnostics Demo in Azure App Service
  • [08:50] - Collecting diagnostic traces using dotnet trace
  • [12:56] - Reviewing stats in Perfview
  • [19:56] - Inspecting GC Heap allocations
  • [22:16] - Reducing allocations ArrayPool 



  • dotnet-trace performance analysis utility
  • What is Application Insights?
  • Analyze CPU usage without debugging in the Performance Profiler
  • Kudu service overview



 2021-11-12  29m