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episode 33: The Return of Ornon, Episode 27: Not Taking the Bull By the Horns

Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the Realms & Nerds podcast!

Join our... four(?) heroes- Joshamee Rockhammer, Seebo Turel Nim, (RIP Brunhilde Hearthome), Rhomash Scarbearer, and Michael- as they continue their journey in The Return of Ornon!

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Joshamee is determined to get Brunhilde out of Bludvaren. Seebo gets the inside scoop. Brunhilde's body is taken through the castle. Rhomash gets a new weapon. Michael becomes a bullfighter.

The Return of Ornon is an original campaign created by Harrison Owens.

Realms & Nerds music by RJ Moore

Main theme composed by Kyle Rice, arranged by RJ Moore

"Scarborough Fair", traditional piece. Arranged and performed by RJ Moore & Ray Edwards


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 2021-11-23  1h25m