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episode 83: Dave Hollis - How to Beat the Fear & Achieve Your Highest Level of Success

If you know you cannot fail, what will you do? Dave Hollis, a New York Times bestselling author and president of Worldwide Theatrical Distribution - The Walt Disney Studios, joins today's episode to remind each one of us that we are capable of achieving anything we wish to achieve. "It's only a matter," he says, "of taking one step out of your safe harbor. Then you can set sail into the raging seas, where adventure and opportunity await." The process can be challenging and will require you to have an honest assessment of the life you currently live. Dave did not have a "sensible" reason to leave his job and pursue an uncertain path. But he knows he will not be truly happy if he won't, at least, try to find out what life has to offer him when he decides to honor the unique talents he was blessed with. If you're looking for the courage to start your journey towards a truly successful, satisfying life, this episode is for you. 

“The ego inside of any of us are creators that hope to be the silver bullet that would solve the problems for all people. It’s a bar that's just too high.”

-Dave Hollis

In this Episode:

  • Discover the BIGGEST reason why it’s not right to quit even when you only have ONE person who believes in your business.
  • Learn why most entrepreneurs choose to listen to the 10% minority who don’t believe in their potential over the 90% who do. 
  • The strategic way of identifying the people who can be your audience and loyal clients versus those who don't qualify to benefit from your work/creation. 
  • Get to know the two varieties of change that are constant in our lives and how the post-traumatic stress of having something new can lead to exponential growth.
  • Realize how fear acts like a currency that is being leveraged by the news and social media to convince startups and entrepreneurs that they don’t have what it takes to be successful. 

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 2021-11-24  52m