Turned Out A Punk

Damian Abraham has been many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ and food network host, one of the minds behind TV's "The Wrestlers", parent of 3... and undeniably, a punk music obsessive. Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from various walks of life to find out how their world was influenced and changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK!



Episode 378 - Ray Ahn (Hard-Ons, Nunchukka Superfly, The Victims)

What happens when heroes become friends? Find out today as Damian sits down with one of his, The Hard-Ons’ RAY AHN & quickly realises that they are birds of a feather. Listen in as the two discuss their shared passions of punk & record collecting. From AC/DC playing earth shatteringly loud at the local park, to power erasing signed records, to confronting hate with humour, to why Jerry A should have thrown Mick Harvey off that boat & so much more: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 
Also, don’t miss The Hard-Ons’ latest awesome LP, “I'm Sorry Sir, That Riff's Been Taken” on Cheersquad Records! 
Also, check out the latest LP by Ray’s other fantastic band: Nunchukka Superfly’s, “The Aussie Exorcism (Nah Mate, You Can't Punch A Ghost)” on Tym Records!

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Also Touched On:

The various species and sub-species of record collectors
Australian love for hard rock
Getting the SexPistols single from a friend who didn’t like it
“No one bought Tartus 
Beautifully instructional The Ramones and the Saints seal the deal
AC/DC playing in the park
The influence of the volume on kids in the 70s
Accidentally erasing Kym Bradshaw’s signature
(I’m) Stranded: the real Australian National Anthem
Record Collections not as places of enjoyment
Having to deal with Racists 
Confronting Nazis with humour  
The Celibate Rifles
The Slugfuckers
They not-so-good ol’ days
The Asshole Roster System
being in The Victims
Seeing Gauze in ’89
Touring Japan with Snuff and Sean ‘Fat Bob’ Forbes




 2021-11-26  2h37m