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Warum lachen wir? Und warum lachen wir konkret jetzt? Setup/Punchline ist ein Podcast über das Handwerk des Witzeschreibens und -Performens. In jeder Folge sprechen Comedians über eines ihrer Bits, also eine thematische Einheit an Witzen, und erklären, wie und warum es funktioniert und Menschen zum Lachen bringt.


episode 10: SP42: Liliana Velásquez Montoya on dating and attention-seeking

Liliana Velásquez Montoya is a Berlin-based stand-up comic, tango dancer, model, painter, performer, or, to put it in one word: an artist. Why even limit yourself, why not considering different art forms as different forms of expression? That is exactly what Liliana talks about in today’s English episode. She explains how she sees the world of art as an umbrella under which you can find a vast range of such expressions.

We are also talking about New York, where Liliana spent a couple of years and worked at the Comedy Cellar, one of the most renowned comedy clubs in the world. She has performed stand-up in cities around the whole world and hosted various shows in New York and Berlin. She performs in English, Spanish, and with increasing frequency in German.

We listen to an extract of a set Liliana played at the digital stand-up show Kuss Kuss Komedy Digital in spring 2021. So the epiode also gives posterity an insight into what stand-up looked like in those days. Liliana talks about how to deal with the absence of the audience and the time-delayed response.

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