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episode 309: Perpetual Prototypes

MEP EP#309: Perpetual Prototypes
How Far Did our Christmas Projects Go?

  • Tube Compressor
    • Stephen "Completed"
    • Wants to add more features....
  • Synchrotron phaser
    • Works but needs value tweaking on some gains
    • Have a sample of the audio in the podcast
  • Parker's Mother’s Golf Cart
    • Finished paint and started reassembly!
SendcutSend sheet metal bending experience
  • Sent off a design for a custom rack mount shelf
  • Used Autodesk Fusions Sheet Metal tool to design it
  • Parts came out great!
  • Looking forward to trying Xometry's new sheet metal service
  • SendcutSend offers powdercoating now?
  • Art that is also functional?
  • Some really cool t-shirts as well!


 2021-12-30  57m