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episode 310: 2022 New Year Engineering Resolutions

MEP EP#310: 2022 New Year Engineering Resolutions
Tig Stream Announcement

  • Saturday Jan 15th at 6:00 PM Central
  • Stay tuned for more information
New Years Engineering Resolutions
  • Parker
    • Finish the Cat Feeder Unreminder
    • Get the 65’ Checker “Running”
    • Get to 200 lbs
  • Stephen
    • Smaller but more directed action
    • Stretch resolution
      • Be more present
    • Practice more
  • From the MacroFab Engineering Team
    • Run DRC on your designs!
      • We have DRC files for Eagle and Altium
      • Questions about our DRC can be directed to
      • Cheating the DRC just results in more end cost due to infield failures and extra loss in E-testing
  • From the WMD team
    • Let us cheat the numbers not you
      • The numbers are there for a reason. We know when we can fudge them.
  • Podcast Resolutions
    • Release podcast at Friday noon
    • Going to video and the edits will be on Youtube
    • Transcribing the audio
    • More polls and user engagement
    • Swag to give out during live streams


 2022-01-07  1h3m