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episode 7: Mark Castley - Take a Risk and Just Do It! From Liverpool to Leading a Luxury Real Estate Company in Dubai


Mark Castley is the Chief Operating Officer for the award-winning boutique luxury brokerage and digital destination  Mark has been involved in Real Estate now for over 17 years where he has coached, mentored and managed high performing teams to an extremely high level all around the world. He takes the lead on guiding the company's strategy and vision for the future, leading both our brokerage and operations teams to new heights of success.

The experience that Mark has gained while working in multiple locations such as Miami, Orlando, Doha, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, London, Dubai and his home city of Liverpool really shows in his ability to develop real estate agents into top-producing brokers and build ultra-successful teams.

Mark places a lot of focus and attention on ensuring all agents have incredible product knowledge and are in a position to offer the best possible service at all times. He works closely with everyone on an individual and a group bases to promote excellence across the board.

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 2022-01-07  1h1m