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episode 60: Captivate CEO Mark Asquith talks about the global acquisition and their future. Castos CEO Craig Hewitt talks about supporting Value4Value and why it's a better model than advertising for podcasters [transcript]


  • Mark Asquith co-founder and MD of Captivate.FM talks about their acquisition by Global and what's next for Captivate and how the line between radio and podcasting has blurred?

  • Craig Hewitt founder and CEO of Castos talks about the latest version of their platform and their upcoming support for Value4Value and why advertising is not the future for podcast monetisation.  


  • Google is randomly switching podcasts in its app to point to pirated copies with ads. Jason Calcanis noticed his podcast, All-In, mysteriously had ads in it; Google’s Danny Sullivan replied: “we appear to have mistakenly pointed to a duplicate version of the podcast”

  • Buzzsprout’s data suggests that the Google Podcasts app is losing market share, from 2.6% to 2.3% in the past year. 

  • Buzzsprout’s global stats for January, calculated to the IAB standard, show the company hit 100 million monthly downloads for the first time.

  • A website using Google Fonts has been fined for breaking GDPR privacy rules, since it leaked the visitor’s IP address to Google without their permission. Podnews phased out use of Google Fonts for privacy reasons more than two years ago.

  • When publishing a show to Spotify, you are now reminded to read the platform rules; though not to explicitly agree to them.

  • SiriusXM has launched AudioID

  • The BBC says it saw a total of 257m podcast downloads globally last quarter. That would make it the #3 podcast publisher in the world.TECH: 


  • JustCast is supporting the podcast:person tag
  • John Spurlock has released MiniPub
  • Helipad is being updated to a new version, v0.1.8


 2022-02-04  1h29m