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Trans woman writer Peyton and hunk chef Austin have been friends since third grade. Join along on their friendship as Peyton explains to Austin everything from current events, to culture, to movies. The two hosts also bring you the cutting edge in dumb bits, Communism, poop jokes, and Ted Kaczynski news/info. WARNING: listening to this podcast may make you a top target of the deep state. Follow @E2APodcast on Twitter! https://twitter.com/E2APodcast



episode 27: Ep 27 - 9/11: Twenty Years of Questions and Consequences

Peyton and Austin discuss the 9/11 attacks, the failings of US institutions that allowed them to happen, the strange occurrences surrounding them, and the world spanning neocon hegemony and imperialism of the US that resulted from them. Your hosts discuss how it's always important to question the status-quo and the narrative of capitalist/imperial powers in search of the truth. Also, a brief discussion of the draconian anti-abortion law in Texas and how it's being protected by an ineffectual political opposition, along with an unelected council of judiciary elders.

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- Links for further research -

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Truanon 9/11 series: https://soundcloud.com/trueanonpod/911-week-bush-did-911-part-1

Blowback on 9/11 and the Iraq war: https://blowback.show/Season-1

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Stock adviser bribes FBI: https://www.nytimes.com/2002/05/25/business/us-suggests-without-proof-stock-adviser-knew-of-9-11.html



 2021-09-08  1h48m