Low Culture Boil

Hosted by Rax King, Courtney Rawlings, and Amber Rollo, three broads whose enthusiasm for trash culture can only occasionally be reeled in by dad-producer Jake Aron ✨ If you've ever asked yourself "would Susan Sontag have enjoyed 'Jersey Shore'," or if you don't know how to read and at this point you know it's too late to ask, this is the podcast for you!



Bonus 4 - Raytheon Pot Pie (Preview)

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Their mothers warned them not to stand too close to the radioactive oven, but the Low Culture Boilers are drawn like Odysseus to the Sirens. This jam-packed bonus has the history (Raytheon?!), the primitive recipes (Escargot?!), and live taste tests (Amy's or Tostinos?!) of the beloved microwave. Plus Courtney's dog bullies the shit outta her.


 2020-12-31  3m