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episode 9: Jessica Allen - Financial Strategies For Creating Generational Wealth Through Real Estate Investing


Jessica Allen is a wife to Perry, mom of four, entrepreneur and full-time real estate investor. She has built a successful private lending business and is building out a short-term rental portfolio with her friend and business partner, Nicole. In the last year Jessica was able to bring her husband home from his W-2 so that they can now build their real estate business together. She loves working with people and raising capital for her real estate projects. She has been a serial entrepreneur all her life and loves helping others catch the entrepreneurial vision through coaching her clients in real estate investing and life.

Jessica’s heart for each of her clients, in her coaching program Empowered REI, is for them to create a life of adventure that they love and to help them see that it is possible today; that they do not have to put off “living their best life” for their retirement years. She helps her clients create a vision and a plan through real estate investing to create cash flow and implement financial strategies to help them transition into this life in under 5 years instead of the 20-30 year plan that most of us are led to believe is necessary. Her and her family reside in Western, Nebraska and where she operates her real estate investing and coaching businesses remotely. 

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 2022-02-04  41m