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episode 77: Polygraph and The Journalist Engineer Matt Daniels

We have Matt Daniels on the show, the “journalist engineer” behind Polygraph, a blog featuring beautiful journalistic pieces based on data. If you are not familiar with the site, stop now and take a look.

Matt starts with a simple question — for example, what songs from the ’90s are still popular? — and tries to answer it through data analysis and visualization. The result is always a well-crafted web page and applications, with a mix of data analysis, interactive graphics, and explanations.

On the show we talk specifically about two projects: “The most timeless songs of all-time,” in which Matt analyzes song popularity from Spotify data, and “Film Dialogue from 2,000 screenplays, Broken Down by Gender and Age,” in which he examines movie dialogues as a way to dig deeper into gender biases in the film industry.

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Matt Daniels
Matt’s Medium article “The Journalist Engineer”
Project: “The largest vocabulary in Hip Hop”
Project: “How music taste evolved”
Project: “The most timeless songs of all-time”
Project: “Film Dialogue from 2,000 screenplays, Broken Down by Gender and Age”
Washington Post: “Doctors fire back at bad Yelp reviews — and reveal patients’ information online” (Collaboration between Enrico’s Lab and ProPublica) Related episodes

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